Válasszunk szerencsekövet a csillagjegyünk alapján

Minden csillagjegynek más és más tulajdonságai vannak. Ha szeretnénk a természet erejét segítségül hívni, hogy egyensúlyba kerüljünk, akkor érdemes beszerezni olyan kristályt, amelynek a rezgései segítenek ebben. Megmutatjuk, hogy a csillagjegyünk alapján milyen követ érdemes választani.

Kos – jáspis


Bika – achát


Ikrek – kvarc


Rák – holdkő


Oroszlán – tigrisszem


Szűz – zafír


Mérleg – rózsakvarc

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Rose quartz is know as the universal stone of love 💕✨ . To me rose quartz feels like a warm loving embrace. I have all different sizes and shapes throughout my space. I also like to take it with me or wear a piece for that extra support when out and about in this big wild world. I always wear the rose quartz ring my love gifted me, every time I look at it I think of our love and that he has my back 💖✨ . When I think of rose quartz words like unconditional love, calm, caring, self love, romance, family, friendship and healing come to mind. . It is said to be a stone that opens the heart chakra to all kinds of love and enhances love in virtually any situation. Healing and activating the heart and intuitive centres of the body, sending off strong vibrations of love, happiness, warmth and positive emotional health. . I especially am loving rose quartz’ ability to aid in removing emotional wounds and beliefs that stop you from moving forward and connecting with love. This is another tool for my self healing and development. . Rose quartz dispels negativity and replaces it with loving vibes. Encouraging deep inner healing, comfort, forgiveness, self trust and self worth. It is even said to aid in strengthening the physical heart and circulatory systems 💕✨ . How do you use rose quartz in your life? . . #rosequartz #crystal #quartzcrystal #selflove #healing #love #pinkstone #selfhealing #healingenergy #energy #australianwitch #southernhemispherewitch #witch #pagan #spiritual #crystalhealing

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Skorpió – borostyán


Nyilas – türkiz


Bak – lazurit


Vízöntő – ametiszt


Halak – akvamarin